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Trademark: Lambda-cyhalothrin 25g/L Lambda-cyhalothrin EW

● Brief : This product is a new generation of high-efficiency pyrethroid Insecticides, which has a wide spectrum of insecticides and has contact and stomach toxicity. It has strong osmotic effect, strong rain resistance, long-lasting effect, low dosage and rapid drug effect. The advanced water emulsion type has low toxicity to humans, livestock and beneficial organisms, and is safe for crops and the environment.

● Product specifications : 100ml × 50bottles / box 200ml × 20bottles / box 400ml × 20bottles / box 1000ml × 10cans / box 
● Use technology :

Registered crop

Control object


Application method

Cruciferous vegetables

cabbage caterpillar



Apple tree


3000-4000 times liquid


tea tree

Tea green leafhopper




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