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Thiophanate-methyl 70%WP Thiophanate-methyl is one kind of high efficient, low toxic, broad-spectrum, low residual and systemic bactericide, with both protective and healing capacities
Hexaconazole 5%SC Hexaconazole is one kind of triazole bactericide, is the demethylation inhibitor of sterol, it can be used to protect and heal the disease caused by fungus such as basidiomycetes and ascomycetes
Hexaconazole (3%) isoprothiolane (27%)30%EC It is one kind of brand-new bactericide developed by Japan Pesticide Co., Ltd. and our company, with the poisoning functions of system, penetration and conduction
Tebuconazole 250g/L EC It is new kind of triazole broad-spectrum systemic bactericide, with functions of protection, therapy and kill. It can be used as seed treatment and leaf spray agent
Tebuconazole 80%WP It is new kind of triazole high-concentrated systemic bactericide, with functions of protection and therapy. It is high active, strong systemic and lasting pesticide, can resist rain.
6% Tebuconazole FS used in seed treatment to prevent the diseases caused by Erysiphe, Puccinia, Colisporites, Pyrenophora and Septoria bacteria
Mancozeb·Myclobutanil 62.5%WP Mancozeb is the compound of Maneb and zinc ion, is organic sulfur type of protective bactericide, it can restrain the oxidization of pyruvic acid in bacteria to kill bacteria


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