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Trademark: Wangdifu 18% Glufosinate ammonium AS

Brief: This product belongs to the new broad-spectrum Herbicide, which is a phosphonic acid Herbicide. It is a glutamine synthesis inhibitor with high efficiency and low toxicity. It is mainly contact-killing and has partial systemic absorption. After application, the active ingredients act through the leaves, and the seedlings that have not been unearthed will not be harmed. In a short time after application, the ammonium metabolism in the plant is trapped, and the ammonium ion of the cytotoxic agent accumulates in the plant. At the same time, photosynthesis is severely inhibited. Anti-allergic weeds (beasts, small canopies, etc.) have special effects, used for non-cultivated land, orchards, etc. to control annual and perennial weeds.


1. Wide spectrum of herbicides: It can control almost all common annual or perennial green weeds in fruit trees, row crops, vegetable fields and non-cultivated land. 
2, has significant grass killing effect on malignant weeds: such as tendon grass, double-spotted gar, small canopy, ratoon rice, purslane, white stalk and other resistant weeds. 
, high-efficiency weeding, long- lasting effect : 2-6 hours of application, the photosynthesis of weed leaves is blocked, stop growing within 1 day, the whole plant dies in 1-2 weeks, with a long-lasting effect of 25-45 days. 
, relatively safe for crops: ammonium exposure allows crops to be limited to local phytotoxicity, does not cause systemic damage, suitable for shallow root crops or tropical fruit trees, vegetables, cultivating crop fields. 
, rapid degradation in the soil: no residue, safe for the soil and the environment. 
6. Low toxicity: safe for people and animals.

Packing specification: 200ml × 50bottles / box 1000ml × 12 bottles / box

Use technology:

Registered crop

Control object


Application method

Non-cultivated land



Stem and leaf spray





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