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Trademark: Tianwang Mansheng 550g/L MESOTRIONE atrazine SC


  1. Wide range of herbicides : annual grass weeds and broadleaf weeds, effectively preventing malignant weeds such as comfrey, medlar, ramie, leeks and Compositae, Polygonaceae, Malvaceae, Cruciferae, Weeds in the family, as well as the crabgrass, goosegrass, valerian, etc.
  2. Fast killing grass: 3-5 days can see the effect, under suitable conditions, 2-4 days of weeds appear green and whitening phenomenon, 7-14 days will gradually die.
  3. Highly safe: Safe for major corn varieties and safe for the next crop.
  4. The effect is stable: the additive is excellent, the effect is excellent, and it is less affected by climatic factors such as rainfall and low temperature.
  5. Save time and labor: less water, save time and labor.
  6. Good rain resistance: 3 hours after application, rainfall is not affected.
  7. Safety and environmental protection: Suspending agent, advanced environmental protection, low toxicity to humans and animals.

Packing specification: 100ml × 50bottles / box 200ml × 20bottles / box

Use technology:

Registered crop

Control object


Application method

Spring corn field

Annual weed


Corn 3-5 leaf stage 
before the three-leaf weeds 
broadleaf weeds 2-4 leaf 
foliage spray

Summer corn field



1. This product is an early weeding product after corn seedlings. Please use the medicine as soon as possible, and the herbicidal effect is better. 
2. This product is sensitive to beans and cruciferous crops. Please use spray protective cover when spraying to prevent drifting, so as to avoid phytotoxicity of other crops. 
3. Do not use this product in special corn such as sweet corn, waxy corn, popcorn and ornamental corn. It is not allowed to use this product in corn fields mixed with other crops. 
4. Under normal climatic conditions, this product is safe for future crops. It takes more than 3 months to plant wheat in the sorghum. The cotton, peanuts, potatoes, soybeans and sunflowers must be planted for more than 8 months. Other crops need to be separated by more than 18 months. Beets, alfalfa, tobacco, vegetables, rapeseed, beans, and melons must be tested first and planted without problems. In the two-year-old area, the post-crop crops must not be planted with rapeseed.



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