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Trademark: Weima 69g/L fenoxaprop-P-ethyl EW

Brief: The product is aryloxy phenoxy propionic acids described in the Herbicide, fatty acid synthesis inhibitors, transporting absorption by plant leaves to the leaf base, stems, roots, grasses destroy normal metabolism, eventually leading to the death of the plant. It can be quickly metabolized in broadleaf crops and broadleaf weeds. It is a Herbicide after the grasshopper weed seedling with a very wide adaptation period. It does not affect the effect after 3 hours of treatment. It has a wide range of herbicides, and it is ideal for grass weeds such as wild oats, maiden, yarrow, foxtail, stalk, hard grass and yarrow in wheat fields. It contains a special safener and is safe for winter and spring wheat. It degrades quickly in the soil and is safe for the crops. Good rain resistance, wide application period, and can not exceed the wheat jointing period at the latest.

Packing specification: 100ml × 50bottles / box

Use technology:

Registered crop

Control object


Application method

Wheat field

Annual grass weed


Stem and leaf spray



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