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Glyphosate 41%AS Glyphosate systemic conductive broad-spectrum biocidal Herbicide .
Paraquat 200 g/L AS 20% Paraquat AS is fast-effective touch-poisoning biocidal Herbicide
Fenoxaprop-ethyl 69g/L EW It is aryloxy phenoxy propionic acid type of herbicide, is the inhibitor of fatty acid, it can be transferred by plant to leaf, and root and destroy the normal metabolism of gramineous plants and cause the death of plant
Mefenacet·Bensulfuron-Methyl 53%WP It is high efficient Herbicide , is the mixture of mefenacet and Bensulfuron-Methyl, with both advantages of anilide and sulfonylurea Herbicide, thus it offer broad-spectrum killing range
Sethoxydim 12.5%EC Sethoxydim is strong selective systemic conductive stem leaf processing agent, it can be absorbed by gramineous weed and send quickly to top and branch issue, and destory cell division.
Clomazone 480 g/L EC Clomazone is one kind of selective pre-bud Herbicide, with systemic and conductive functions. It can be absorbed by roots and outgrowth, and send to the other parts of plant. The synthesis of chlorophyll of plant is restrained, thus the plant is dead in short time
Benthiocarb 50%EC It is one kind of systemic conductive selective Herbicide for rice field. It can be adsorbed by the roost and outgrowth of weeds and can be used as soil treatment agent, especially for cockspur grass


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