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Trademark: Biaotefu nutrition boron

Brief :
This product is imported from Australia. It adopts advanced sugar alcohol chelation technology to avoid a series of reactions in which boron is complexed with sugar or sugar alcohol to form boron ester in plants, which directly activates the physiological function of boron in crops. The role, so that it can be used quickly and effectively. This product is a highly concentrated chelated fertilizer with more than 150 grams of boron per liter and does not contain any hormones. The unique NDS nutrient delivery system ensures that nutrients enter the cells safely and quickly through the leaves within 2 hours to replenish the crops. 
Product features :

1. High-efficiency absorption: Chelating liquid boron fertilizer with high concentration and purity, can be quickly absorbed by crops, and the absorption rate reaches 99%. 
, promote growth: promote the growth of meristematic, vegetative and reproductive organs; promote flower bud differentiation, pollen tube germination, promote the synthesis of sugar and protein. 
, preserved flowers and fruits: promote the formation of flowers and fruits, preserve flowers and preserve fruit, improve the fruiting rate and fruit set rate, to avoid falling flowers, flowers and flowers. Prevent and improve the symptoms of growth point necrosis, dry heartburn, hollowness, deformity caused by boron deficiency. 
, increase production and quality: promote the transport and metabolism of carbohydrates in crops, is conducive to the synthesis of dry matter, phloem loading, transportation, metabolism, and ultimately achieve the role of increasing production and quality. 
, safe and easy to mix: the solution is weakly acidic, can be mixed with most non-alkaline pesticides and fertilizers, safe and non-polluting. 

Active ingredient: boron ≥150g / L 

Product Spec: 200 g of × 50bottles / Box, 1000g × 10bottles / Box 

Registration crops:Coles 

Recommended crop and use:


Early flowering

Late fruit setting

Vegetable crop

Spray 1500-2500 times


Fruit crop

Spray 1500-2500 times

Spray 1500-2500 times

Melon and fruit crops

Spray 1500-2500 times

Spray 1500-2500 times

1. This product is weakly acidic. When mixing, avoid mixing with other alkaline pesticides or fertilizers. 
2. Please perform the compounding test before mixing with other products. The mixing sequence is: water, this product, and its product.



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