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Trademark: Biaotefu Many-element water soluble fertilizer - rooting and flower promotion

Brief: This product is made of pure imported raw materials and scientific nutritional formula, combined with international advanced production technology. It is a true high-phosphorus all-water soluble nutrient preparation. In addition to a large number of elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc., it is also rich in trace elements required for crop growth, chelated nutrients, which are convenient for plant absorption and utilization. Containing ion chelating agent, it dissolves quickly, has no residue, consumes less, and has quick effect. Contains no hormones, harmful impurities, chlorine, etc., safe and environmentally friendly.

 Product features: 

, efficient: advanced production process made of super concentrated, full water soluble fertilizer. The dosage is small, the absorption is good, the effect is quick, and the nitrogen Phosphorus, potassium and trace elements are supplemented, which effectively prevents the plants from being short, the stems and leaves are dark green or purple red due to phosphorus deficiency.

 , promote roots and strong seedlings: high-phosphorus formula, promote crop root growth, and quickly absorb other nutrients; make crops grow robust, stalks thick, leaves green. 

, wide application period: can be used in various growth stages of crops, early use to quickly stimulate root activity, improve nutrient absorption; medium-term use to promote crops to absorb nutrients to grow robust, preserved flowers and preserve fruit; later use to prevent premature aging of crops, increase fruit dry matter Accumulation, increase production and increase income.

 , enhance stress resistance: enhance crop drought resistance, cold resistance, antifreeze, anti-premature aging and other resistance. 

, good mixability: can be mixed with non-alkaline pesticides and fertilizers. 

Active Ingredient: N-P2O5-K20: 10-40-10 

Specifications: N+P205+K20≥50%; Zn+B: 0.2%-3.0% 

Product Specifications: 1000g×10 bags/box, 5000g×4 bags/ Box

Registered crops: rice, cucumber, cotton

Recommended crops and uses :


Seedling stage/germination stage

Early flowering

After picking

Vegetable crop

Drip irrigation 2-3kg/667sqm



Fruit crop

Drip irrigation 5Kg/667sqm

Drip irrigation 5kg/667sqm

Drip irrigation 5kg/667sqm

Melon and fruit crops

Drip irrigation 2-3kg/667sqm

Drip irrigation 5kg/667sqm


1. Avoid mixing with other alkaline pesticides or fertilizers when mixing. 
2. Please perform the compounding test before mixing with other products. The mixing sequence is: water, this product, and its product.


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